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b2evolution is one of the most comprehensive blog engine. It includes almost any feature you could expect from a blog tool.

Our b2evolution webspace hosting provides galleries, chat, e-commerce, games, reviews, internet forums, polls, links, RSS feeds, language internationalization, as well as countless other free features with various hooks and modules.

b2evolution features:

  • Multiple blogs supported
  • Multiple categories and sub-categories
  • evoSkins: evolution blog skins: change the look & feel of your blog in a snap!
  • Display multiple blogs on same page. For example, you can use one specific blog as your blogroll and display it grouped by category...
  • Reader comments & feedback:
    • Allow readers to leave comments:
      • Allow readers to be recognized with cookie;
      • Check that comments are secure and valid XHTML;
      • Prevent comment spam through the use of blacklists.
    • Display feedback (comments, trackbacks and pingbacks) sorted chronologically or grouped by type;
    • Display all feedback on same page or on separate pages by type;
    • Display feeback inline or in popup windows;
    • View last comments for all posts;
  • Paged browsing display (posts can be displayed by groups of 10 or whatever size you decide)
  • Browse by:
    • Archives (monthly, weekly, dayly or single post)
    • Categories and sub-categories (single, multiple, recursive or complex category selection/exclusion)
    • Calendar
  • Search by words (and/or) or sentence;
  • Extended posts ("Read more" link) support, even in RSS/RDF;
  • Multi-paged posts;
  • Clean permalinks of the form: http://fplanque.net/Blog/devblog/2003/05/25/p204 (including in trackback/pingback);
  • Post by post lang attribute support for multilingual blogs.
  • Display (high performance) wordcount for each post.
  • Simplified install;
  • Fully supported upgrade from an original b2 installation;
  • High focus on security with careful monitoring by Sakichan;
  • Full internationalization (i18n) and several localizations (l10n) included. Toolkit to add your own translations provided;
  • Timezone difference handling;
  • RSS Syndication. Comes with RSS 0.92, 1.0 (RDF) and 2.0;
  • Statistics based on logging of Referers, User Agents, etc... on blog pages and RSS feeds.
  • AntiSpam Deluxe against referer and comment spam:
    • Manage local blacklist;
    • Report to and update from community maintained centralized blacklist;
    • Filter out existing spam when adding new entries to the blacklist;
  • Bookmarklet blogging: create an entry in a snap about any page you're currently browsing;
  • Sidebar blogging: blog at any time from your browser sidebar;
  • XML-RPC webservices:
    • Blogger API support;
    • b2 API support;
    • w.bloggar compatible (including multi-blog);
  • Automatic pinging & linking:
    • Ping b2evolution.net;
    • Ping blo.gs;
    • Ping weblogs.com;
    • Ping technorati.com;
    • Ping cafelog;
    • Trackback;
    • Linkback;

Backoffice features:

  • Assign multiple categories to each post;
  • Cross post across multiple categories and multiple blogs;
  • Draft status: hide posts until you want to publish them;
  • Private/Protected status: hide posts from non identified members;
  • Improved text editor:
    • Multiple input methods:
      • Textile
      • BBCode ([b]text[/b] means text)
      • GreyMatter-styles (**bold** \italic\ __underline__)
      • Standard HTML tags
      • Smiley interpretation
      • Smart quotes
    • Markup buttons to help text input:
      • Standard markup buttons (support for strong, em, del, ins...)
      • Additional buttons for inserting smileys (with some new smileys too ), page separators...
      • Enhanced img and link buttons
    • XHTML validate your posts
    • Image/File upload.
    • Spell checker (does *not* require Perl as in the original b2)
  • Trackback and/or pingback on edit (multiple trackbacks/pingbacks allowed)
  • Display of progress while sending trackbacks, pingbacks and pinging various sites
  • Author/User management.

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Official b2evolution Site
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b2evolution Webspace Hosting

b2evolution Webspace Hosting Example

b2evolution Webspace Hosting Example


b2evolution is free and is included in all web hosting packages. It can easily be installed and upgraded with a few clicks of the mouse using the control panel.



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